Five Things You Need To Know About This Bear Market

Theodora Lee Joseph

11 days ago5:00 mins

Five Things You Need To Know About This Bear Market

With stock markets rallying since June, then crashing again with worse-than-expected inflation data, it’s been tough to make heads or tails of this bear market. But then wild, short-term swings like these never send very clear signals. So I’ve looked at what Goldman Sachs’s strategists have said about past bear markets and isolated the key points to help you navigate this one…

1. We are in a cyclical bear market.

When things are going south, it’s important to differentiate what type of bear market you’re in, as this can impact the length and shape of the recovery. Broadly speaking, there are three types of bear markets – event-driven, structural, and cyclical. Event-driven bear markets are caused by a one-off “shock” like war, an oil price disruption, or even a pandemic. St

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