How To Analyze A Stock In Two Hours Flat

Stéphane Renevier

8 months ago6:01 mins

How To Analyze A Stock In Two Hours Flat

Some investors devote hours and hours to finding and analyzing their next investment, poring over balance sheets and crunching numbers to try to avoid picking stock market duds. But you don’t need hours and hours to sort the potential winners from the losers. Just two will do.

Review the stock’s price action: 30 minutes

So you’ve sat down with a stock in mind. First, ask yourself these three questions:

How has the stock moved over the past five years?

How has it performed versus the overall market?

Has it outperformed its main competitors?

See, the historical price action of a stock reveals how the market is feeling about it. You should also pay particular attention to large price gaps, which could reveal significant events – and interesting opportunities – in the lifecycle of the

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