Which “Megatrends” Should You Be Backing?

Carl Hazeley

3 months ago6:33 mins

Which “Megatrends” Should You Be Backing?

Megatrends shape our world for decades at a time, and they represent the potential for huge gains if you time them right – and if you make the right investment in the first place. So having asked you what the megatrends are playing on your mind, here’s my two cents about how “mega” an investment opportunity they might be.

Green Energy

The megatrend: Companies and economies alike are moving away from fossil fuels and toward energy generated from natural, renewable resources like sunlight, wind, and water.

My take: This is absolutely a megatrend worth paying attention to: the world’s biggest economies are all squarely focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and renewable energy sources will play a crucial role in achieving their goals. As for the opportunities here, we’ve


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